Environment and Information Technology Centre, (EIT)


EIT is a multi-expertise company that provide services in integrated natural resource management and IT development. We pave the way for the future by developing new and innovative environmental IT technologies for the safer world.

EIT  -    Striving for responsible and environmentally friendly use of natural resources - for benefit of society.

In this modern world, Information technology has tremendous potential in the field of natural resource management and environmental sectors as in any other field like business, economics, politics or culture. Development of internet facilities, Geographic Information System (GIS) and information through satellites has generated a wealth of up-to-date information on various aspects of environment. A number of software have been developed for environmental studies which are used friendly and more and more application areas are becoming relevant to sustainable development in industry, forest and land-use planning etc. To the modern time, more and more applications has been emerged as well to risk and disaster management, adaptation to climate change and resource use. Our vision is to promote research, development and innovation in environmental information technology and further provide national environmental information service relevant to present as well as the future needs of the users, originators, processors and disseminators of information. Our specific objectives are given below:

Goals and Objectives

  • provide services in web development and IT solutions like cloud services.

  • provide services in environmental information technology (such as database management systems, real-time computing, geographic information systems (GISs), remote sensing (RS), and multimedia etc.) for integrated natural resource management and others relevant to present needs.

  • provide education and personnel training programs designed to capacity building to an institution in software development and environmental information technology

  • exchange of relevant information amongst developing and developed countries.